A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a collection of web sites all owned by the same person (or business) that also have excellent link metrics and so give very strong links. And we have an excellent UK focused PBN which is of a very high quality and perfectly safe, so these links are very powerful and will improve your rankings very well. We sell these UK PBN links in sets of ten and the cost of ten links is £300.

UK PBN Links

Real Strength and UK Focus

So when building links you need strong links like these to get a web site ranking. They are strong because they are web sites that have lots of good links themselves so they pass on some very good ‘link juice’ when they link to your web site so will definitely get your rankings improving. So they have strong metrics like Trustflow and Domain Authority, these are metrics used by SEO professionals to judge how strong links are so we make sure that all of our PBN links have great Trustflow and Domain Authority scores.

And as they are UK web sites they are much better when linking to a UK web site so they pass on that great UK relevancy. So if you have a UK web site it is much better to have links from web sites in the UK as search engines would expect you to have some good links from UK web sites in order to rank in the UK.

Please do note though that these are not niche relevant links, they are general UK web sites but it’s very easy to tailor the content so that it fits in with the blog and including your link.

Let’s Keep it Natural

These are powerful PBN links and so they need to be built carefully in order as to look natural and so we are very careful with anchor text. So we will include some keywords but with lots of variety so no two anchor texts will be the same and they will also be so varied and include other words so that it’s very unlikely that you would ever build another link again with the same anchor text.

Then as well as the anchor text of these strong PBN links being natural, it is also important that you have an overall healthy and natural looking back link profile, so one with a number of different types of links and also a majority of brand and URL anchor text. So if you do not currently have that then consider services like our Diversity Links which build out a good amount of such links, so they all have brand or URL anchor text and are from a number of different link types.

It’s important that you have that natural looking back link profile before you order a PBN service like this as it would not look natural to a search engine at all a web site getting such strong links before it had many others. These strong PBN links need to blend into your back link profile so do not order them if you don’t currently have a diverse back link profile in place, we can then take care of the rest making it all look very natural so that the links have an amazing effect on your search engine rankings.

And also note that you will get a full report of the links built, lots of PBN link sellers do not give reports but we do for this service so you will see all of the links that have been built.

Order UK PBN Links

So this UK PBN service costs £300 for ten links, we can also do more if you would like so if you’d like a custom order then just send us a message and we can easily arrange that. So for the ten PBN links simply fill out the form below which will then take you to Paypal to pay the £300:

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