Congratulations on deciding to sign up to our mid-range monthly SEO service, it offers everything that your web site needs to succeed online. So with this service you get everything from the cheap monthly which is all of the research needed, full on-page SEO, weekly ranking reports and high quality diversity links built every month but then also a small amount of strong links which are from relevant and high quality web sites that have strong back link metrics and so drive up rankings very effectively.

Middle Monthly SEO Service

So this monthly SEO service includes all of the following:

  • Full Research – We find the best keywords for your market by doing our own high quality research and also researching the keywords that your competitors are ranking for and using on Adwords so that we can find absolutely all of the best keywords for your niche and so make sure that we cover all opportunities.
  • Full On-page SEO – We carry out full and detailed optimisation of your web site which includes a full audit to find any errors which are then fixed, the optimisation of your pages for the most relevant keywords (and advice on new content if that is needed to cover all of the keywords that we have found) and then advanced on-page SEO which compares your pages to the top ranking pages for specific keywords so that we can ensure that your pages are better.
  • Complete Link Building – For this package we build around 100 diversity links per month which are high quality and relevant to your web site, these are very important as all top ranking sites have a large majority of links using brand or URL anchor text and also a wide variety of link types. But then we also build some strong links which are from relevant web sites with traffic and strong link metrics so these are the links that drive rankings upwards very effectively.
  • Weekly Ranking Reporting – We will send you a weekly ranking report for all chosen keywords so that you can very easily track the progress that is being made and see exactly where each keyword is ranked.

So this monthly package provides everything that the cheap package includes but also with some strong links, we cannot state the number that is included as that all comes down to what is best for your web site (some links cost more than others) so we sill simply build the best links that we can for your web site and this budget.

Simply fill out the form below giving us detail about your web site and also the log-in details that we need. If your web site has been penalised then as much detail about the link building that has been done is very useful and any old link building reports or SEO reports that you may have are also very important.

In order to provide this service we will need access to your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts, this is in order to access traffic details for your reports and also gain access to important information which helps us see how your web site is performing. We will also of course need access to the web site and so FTP details as well as the log-in details if your web site uses a CMS system like WordPress are needed (although you can provide these later if you would prefer).

All subscriptions are handled via Paypal and so this keeps things very simple, you pay a month in advance and can cancel at any time and so you are never tied to any kind of contract. Once you have filled in the form and set up your subscription we will perform an initial analysis to ascertain how the web site stands and what the major issues are and we will then make contact with you with these details. We will from there formulate exactly what needs to be done for the web site to succeed online and gain the high rankings that you deserve.

Our service costs £500 per month and you will be taken to Paypal after you have completed the form in order to arrange your subscription. You are free to cancel this at any time and so you are not tied down into any kind of contract, you simply pay for the following month’s SEO up front and then receive that and as long as your subscription is active you will continue to do so.

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