These are links from a high quality private blog network and are very effective at driving up rankings. They have high metrics like Trustflow and Domain Authority and so will pass a lot of link juice to your web site, and they are also cheap and so make for excellent links to build to give your rankings a boost. These PBN links cost £59 and you will receive fifteen links.


How to Best use Cheap PBN Links

So while these are quite cheap, they are of a high quality and so provide a good boost to local SEO rankings. There are 15 links provided and they will all have unique content that is about your target keywords, we are also very careful with anchor text and so include lots of variety. So we will definitely include your target keywords but along with those several other words so that each anchor text is very unique and natural looking.

So while these are strong PBN links, they are the weakest that we offer as we also have two other options that are much stronger (we only sell the very best and most effective link building). So these are great if you are not in a competitive market, if you are then our stronger PBN link packages would be more ideal.

Also do not buy PBN links if you do not have a diverse back link profile in place, these will not work well for a brand new web site or one that has no links. So if your web site has no links then you need to build out some Diversity Links first and we have a great service for that (if you have a local business then Citations also work great for that).

And be aware that this is rather aggressive SEO and so should only be used where you want a strong boost in rankings but accept that this has a slightly higher risk than other link building methods. The links are built so well though and so naturally that there is still very little risk.

So if you do have some links then the best thing to do is to build these links to the pages that need them the most, so those that you want to rank the most and those that are closest to the top ten for your target keywords. If you are unsure about that then just send us a message and we can happily advise on that.

Please Note that with these Links there is no Report Supplied

Due to the nature of PBN links, all good sellers will not provide you with a list of the URLs for the links that have been built, this is to provide security for the network of web sites. You will also not be able to see them in back link checking tools like Moz or Majestic (this is done so that competitors can’t see the links) so the only way that you can see the links is in the Google Search Console, where they typically appear around one month after being built.

Ordering our Standard PBN Links

 So these PBN links are cheap and have strong metrics like Trustflow and Domain Authority. They cost £59 for fifteen links and you can order them simply by completing the form below which will take you to Paypal to complete your payment:

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