It has been known for a long time now how important social signals are to ranking in the top search engines, so even if you are socially active it is still helpful to get a good boost from a service like this. So it’s important to have some good social signals in place before you do serious link building, these are social signals from good accounts so they are real and will stick. The service costs £49 and delivers over two thousand social signals from various social media platforms.

Social Media Signals

Why are Social Signals so Important?

So it’s true that social signals alone are not going to rank your web site, what they do provide though to search engines is a strong indication that your web site is popular and so more likely to be worth listing. So when used in combination with high quality on-page SEO and link building they work very well indeed and will provide some excellent rankings.

Where are they from?

We offer these social signals from a range of social media platforms, Facebook is the most popular so most come from there but then we also include the other popular platforms so that you have a wide range of signals from different social media sites (over two thousand high quality signals are provided with this service).

So the signals received will be as follows:

  • 1700 Facebook Signals
  • 200 Linkedin Signals
  • 100 Twitter Signals
  • 50 Pinterest Signals

So we provide a good amount of Linked in signals as these work really well as most of our clients are businesses and so having a good Linkedin presence really helps, it will work just fine too for any other web site though.

Let’s do this Slowly

It is also going not going to look natural if you receive two thousand social signals all in one go and so these are drip fed over one week, if you do not want the drip feeding then just let us know (this is fine if you already have a huge amount of social signals) but the drip feed is much better for most web sites that have a small amount of social signals.

And Keep it Real

And lastly we definitely do not use any bots for these social signals so they are all from real and active accounts and so will look real to any search engine that uses them as a ranking factor.

So let’s Order

So to place your order for our social signals simply fill out the form below which will take you to Paypal to pay the £49 on clicking the submit button:

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