If you want to dominate your competitive market in SEO then you need the strongest and highest quality links possible and that is what we provide with the premium monthly SEO package. And that is of course as well as everything offered in our other SEO packages so you receive complete research which includes competitor research so that you can easily see all of the best keywords in your niche, complete on-page SEO so that your web site is perfectly optimised, very high quality and strong link building and weekly ranking reports so that you can easily keep track of the huge progress being made. The premium monthly SEO package costs £750 per month with no contract at all so you can cancel when you would like.

The Premium Monthly SEO Package

So this is a premium monthly SEO service that offers everything to get your web site ranking much better and seeing large gains in rankings. The main difference is in the amount of strong links that we offer with this package, we include a lot of very strong links from relevant web sites that have traffic and strong link metrics so these are the links that drive rankings up very strongly. Please do note that we cannot promise a specific amount of links as this service is tailored to the needs of your web site and so we build the links that will have the best effect on your rankings. So links have differing costs so we cannot promise a specific amount, you will get more than enough though to produce excellent results.

So this premium monthly SEO package consists of everything needed to achieve great rankings:

  • Complete Research – We do our own detailed keyword research and also research your top ranking competitors so that we know all of the best keywords in your niche, so that we can be sure we are targeting the very best.
  • Complete On-Page SEO – We make sure that we optimise your web site perfectly so we carry out a detailed audit and fix all errors found and we also optimise pages perfectly for the target keywords so that they are a great match to search engines. And we then take the on-page SEO to a whole new level with very detailed audits that compare your on-page SEO to your high ranking competitors for specific keywords so that we can ensure that your page is better than theirs.
  • High Quality and Very Strong Link Building – We build high quality and relevant diversity links (around 100 per month) that all use your brand or URL as the anchor text as all high ranking sites have a natural back link profile with a majority of brand and URL anchor text and a good variety of link types. But then for the premium package we also build lots of very strong links from relevant web sites that have traffic and strong back link metrics like Trustflow and Domain Authority so these are very strong and effective links which when used with everything else included will drive rankings upwards very strongly.
  • Weekly Ranking Reports – We will send you a weekly ranking report so that you can see the great progress being made in your rankings for all of your chosen keywords.

So if you would like to dominate your niche and beat your competitors then you need this premium monthly SEO package as it delivers the strength that is needed to get those incredible results.

To sign up all you need to do is fill out the following form, you will then be taken to Paypal to create your subscription (which you can cancel at any time) for £750 per month:

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