The quality of your on-page SEO is getting more and more important as Google get more advanced on how they judge your web site so it is absolutely crucial that you have great on-page SEO. And this on-page SEO audit and optimisation is top quality, we know what works and what to check and so the audit checks the factors that we know to be proven ranking factors so fixing those will have a great effect on your rankings. So this service costs £149 and includes the full audit and then help with the optimisation of five web pages and also work on site-wide issues like site speed.

On-Page SEO Audits

Getting your Web Site into Top Shape

So what we do first is a thorough audit of your web site to find any technical issues that may be present and harming your on-page SEO. We use great auditing software for this that checks the proven ranking factors, so elements that will definitely affect the rankings of your web site so it’s very important that they are fixed.

And that’s exactly what we do, so we will fix any issues that are site-wide like site speed, fixing broken links, fixing broken images and checking issues like robots.txt, the audit will likely find a lot of these so after running through them with you we will fix these errors.

The optimisation if specific pages for specific keywords is also important, so you can choose up to five pages and give your target keywords (if you are not sure about these then see our keyword research service) and we will optimise those pages very well for those target keywords. That does not include the addition of more content which may well be needed, but we will do everything else to make sure that the pages are perfectly optimised for your target keywords.

Competitive Optimisation

Then to take this on-page SEO to the next level we can also compare your pages to the top ranking pages for specific keywords so that we can get very actionable data on where your web site is lacking compared to those top ranking competitors.

So you can provide up to five keywords for this service and we will compare your on-page SEO to the top ranking web pages for those keywords and then help you to fix the issues that are found and advise on others like adding more quality content.

Ordering your On-Page SEO Audit and Optimisation

So to order this service all you need to do is fill out the form below which will take you to Paypal on completion to make your payment of £149:

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