We offer a full range of SEO services and also everything else that you could need to make your web site a success. So if you are looking for the complete monthly SEO package with all of the services that you could ever need then we are the right UK SEO company for you. We offer all of these services as part of our main monthly service so if you would like a monthly service then see the details of the different packages below, we also offer some of them separately and so if you only need one of them then you can also find them on this web site as individual SEO services.

We also offer three different levels of monthly service and you can switch between them when you would like, there is also no contract so you are not tied in for any amount of time, so you simply get the SEO that you have paid for.

The Cheap Monthly SEO Package

So we offer a cheap monthly SEO package which includes complete research so that you know the best keywords to target, all of the on-page SEO so that the web site gets well optimised, weekly ranking reports so that you can easily track the progress that is being made for your chosen keywords and then a small amount of link building. So this cheap SEO package offers everything to get the web site well optimised and then enough link building to make some progress, for a lot of web sites this will be enough to get good rankings but obviously if you are in a competitive market where competitors are spending large amounts on SEO then a cheap package like this is not going to be enough to compete. But the good thing is that if we see that your rankings are not improving enough then you can always switch to a larger package that delivers more strong links, or you could order individual packages of strong and high quality links with our advice to power up this cheap SEO package. The cheap monthly SEO package costs £250 per month and includes a good amount of links which is typically around 100 but there will not be any strong links with this package.

The Middle SEO Package

Then there is the middle monthly SEO plan which includes all that is included with the cheap SEO package but with more and stronger links, so if you are in a more competitive niche or your rankings are not improving so well then this is a very good package to choose. So this will see good ranking improvements in most markets and niches, for all packages the links are built based on the specific needs of your web site (so the links that will produce the best results) so we cannot list specifically the number of links that will be built but typically it is around one hundred links per month with several strong links included (the strong links are much more valuable than the cheap diversity links and so take up most of the budget). This package costs £500 per month and will give very good results.

The Strongest Monthly SEO Package

If you need the absolute strongest monthly SEO package with huge results delivered in the most competitive niches then you need our strongest monthly SEO package. This includes the strongest links and lots of them, so links that will drive up rankings very well so if you want to dominate your market then this is the SEO package that you need and this service costs £750 per month.

Our services include:

Keyword Research – It is vital for any SEO that you are targeting the right keywords as there is little point in ranking well if not many people are searching for a particular keyword. We do very advanced keyword research that shows the amount of people that are searching in the UK for a keyword and also the competition levels so that we can get a realistic idea of the time frame needed to rank for that keyword.

Competitor Analysis – We study your competition to find the best keywords that they are ranking for and also the best links that they have. This is used along with the keyword research to plan which keywords are best for your web site and gives an excellent view of your market and what your competition are doing, essentially what is bringing in their business. We also find their best back links as these help a great deal with the link building.

On page SEO – We optimise the web site for the keywords that we have chosen from the research. This involves making each page relevant for the chosen keywords by making sure that they are used in the optimal way throughout the page, we certainly do not over-optimise and so there will be no such problems with our on-page SEO work. And as well as this we also compare the top ranking web pages to your own so that we can ensure that your on-page SEO is stronger than the competitor web sites so that you can outrank them.

Local SEO – For almost any query that includes the name of a place such as a town or city search engines will show results that are in that location and these are a separate set of results known as local results and so making sure that your web site appears in these local results is crucial if you offer a local business. We have lots of experience of local SEO and so can rank your local business in the local organic search results and also the map listings so that you receive lots of local traffic.

Link Building – Having links from high quality web sites is crucial to the success of your SEO campaign and so we obtain links from web sites that are very relevant to the theme of your web site and that also have a good amount of links themselves and so a good amount of authority that they can pass to your web site through that link. We build links very carefully and naturally and so you will certainly not have to worry about penalisation for this link building, if you believe that you are currently penalised for poor quality link building then we can help you to correct that situation.

Links are generally split between diversity links which are cheap and have a small effect on rankings and then strong links which are links from relevant and high authority web sites, so there are much more diversity links built as all top ranking web sites have a large majority of links like that and links that use a large majority of brand and URL anchor text. So for all packages we build a large amount of high quality diversity links so that your back link profile looks natural and then depending on the package we also build high quality, relevant and strong links that drive rankings up very well.

Content Creation – Search engines just love web sites that add new content on a regular basis and so we will provide this for you from professional and UK based writers who produce content of the very highest quality. This will be four pieces per month and of a very good length and so over 750 words and can be added to your blog or web site as you see fit. It is also a great way to target more keywords from the keyword research and so can grow your traffic very well.

Improving your Web Site – There are certain aspects of a web site (outside of the on-page SEO) that search engines look at when ranking the site and these include the usability, navigation, layout and page speed of the web site and enhancing these not only leads to better rankings but also improves the user experience.

Social Media – Having a strong following on the main social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can give a good SEO benefit as well as spreading the word about your business really well and so we will help you to get the most from your social media.

Pay Per Click Advertising – A very popular method of online advertising is to use pay per click services such as Google Adwords and if you would like to use these then we can help you by making sure that your advertising is very well set up so that it performs to it’s best. The keyword research that we perform means that we have access to all of the best keywords and we can also set up conversion tracking so that we can make sure that the campaign is profitable.

On-Going Reporting – You will receive a weekly report which will show you the rankings of all of your chosen keywords and traffic details taken from your analytics account and so this will keep you very informed as to how well your web site is performing.

We really do believe that this is the most fully featured monthly SEO service that you will find for such a low monthly price, this is cheap SEO but with a premium service and will definitely increase your traffic levels and online exposure. Simply get in touch if you have any questions or sign up now to enjoy much more web traffic and all of the help that you could ever need.