This is a one-off package designed to give a strong boost to your local rankings, so the map listings in Google and also the organic search results in Google that are location specific (so either include the location or the user is searching for a local business and their location is taken into account). It includes all of the best links that influence local SEO and also lots of brand and URL anchor text to ensure that the link building looks natural, this service costs £149 and will provide a strong boost to your local rankings.

Strong Local SEO Link Building Package

What’s Included

So this Local SEO link building package includes everything needed to get local rankings soaring, which are:

  • 80 Citations – These are business listings that include the business name, address and phone number (NAP)
  • 8 High Authority Map Embeds – Here your map, NAP and some unique, high quality and relevant content is added to very high authority web sites, these provide very strong links
  • 100 Standard Map Embeds – These also include your map, NAP and high quality content
  • A Strong Map – A new map is created with your business at the centre, this also includes 50 local locations, geo tagged images and driving directions to your business
  • 50 Diversity Links – These will come from a variety of platforms like video sites, image sites, classifieds, social pages and profile links and will all contain high quality and unique content as well as your NAP

So that’s around 240 links to your web site and most with strong local SEO benefits, the diversity links are done to provide extra relevancy and natural anchor text so as a package it’s a local SEO bomb.

Be Careful

So this is a very strong local SEO link building package, do not order this though if your web site is new or has very few links as it would not look natural for your web site to gain so many links if either of those is the case. So if your web site does not have many links then we suggest that you order a package of just Citations first as that will give a smaller set of links that look natural for a new web site, then you can simply order this package a few weeks after that in complete safety.

Google hates duplication and so we do too, so when building citations we check to see if you have any already and if you do we do not build them on the same sites, so if you ordered a package of citations before this large booster package we would ensure that they are all on different business listing web sites.

And the same applies to content, Google hate duplicate content and so we ensure that each citation has completely unique content (to that page so all of the content is different for each citation) so this makes the links much more effective as they will all get indexed and pass on that relevancy from the unique and high quality content (most citation builders do not offer a service anywhere near this level and so most of the citations do not get indexed and so are worthless).

It is also important that you have your Google My Business (GMB) set up correctly and that you have your NAP on your web site in exactly the same format as you have in in the GMB. You will not get the same great results if you have not done this so it’s very important that you do it well.

If your web site does have the GMB and some links already though then this is just what you need to drive local rankings and map listings very strongly and get the great local rankings that you need. We spread these links out over around two weeks so that they look natural so they would not all be built at once.

Other Benefits of the Local SEO Booster Package

There are other clear benefits of this package that you need to know about and the first is that most of the links will include some high quality and completely unique (to the page that the link is on) content, so each linking page has different content that is of a high quality. So this means that Google will love these pages and index nearly all of them, so many link builders don’t do this and use the same content for all of the links which results is most of them not getting indexed.

The other benefit is that we ensure that all of the links use natural anchor text, so brand and URL anchor text along with some generic anchors like web site or click here. The majority use brand or URL anchor text which which is important as all top ranking sites have a majority of that, so us building that out for you ensures that your anchor text profile will look very natural and that also means that you can easily at a later date build more strong links if the rankings need a further push (only likely in very competitive markets).

Ordering the Local SEO Link Building Package

All you need to do to order is fill out the form below with your web site details, please ensure that your business name, address and phone number are EXACTLY as used on your web site and Google My Business listing as consistency is very important for local SEO. So just fill out the business details and the form will then take you to Paypal where you can pay the £149 for this strong local SEO service:

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