The most effective link building strategy at the moment is to get links in relevant content on relevant web sites that have good link metrics and traffic (these are also known as niche edits). This is because as the page is already indexed in Google it means that the effect of the link on rankings is much quicker and as the linking sites have great metrics and traffic it means that they look like very high quality and natural links to a search engine. So these are premium links that are very strong and effective, they cost £300 for five.

Niche Edits

Using these Niche Edits

So these links in existing content or niche edits are very strong links so it is important that they are done naturally. So we select only blog posts or pages which are relevant to your business and target keywords and the sites also have traffic so that the links look natural.

We then also vary the anchor text nicely for these niche edits so that they include lots of variety, we do include some keywords as that improves the effect on the rankings on those keywords but we also include other words so that there is lots of variety and no two anchor texts are the same. If you would like to provide the exact anchor texts then you can do that, or we can use the best possible from your target keywords.

It is also important that you have a diverse back link profile in place before ordering links like niche edits as they are powerful links and so it would not be natural for a web site to gain such links without having previously got lots of weaker links. So we suggest building out lots of diverse links before ordering these strong links and we have a Diversity Link Building Service if you would like some help with that.

Choosing your Targets

You are free to provide the URLs and keywords that you would like to target with this niche edit link building service but we are also very happy to make suggestions looking at your rankings. So keywords that are close to page one and have a good search volume are prime candidates, so if you are not sure just send us a message and we can give you our thoughts before ordering.

Order your Links in Existing Content now

So these are among the best links that you can get so if you are link building and want strong links that work fast and look natural then you cannot beat our niche edits. They have good metrics like Trustflow and Domain Authority and so have great link power and as they are also in relevant content they make for absolutely excellent back links.

These links cost £300 for five and we can do more if you would like so just contact us to arrange that if you would like that. To order the five niche edits simply fill out the form below which will then take you to Paypal to make your payment:

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