We provide the most thorough and detailed keyword research that is available, so if you would like fantastic keyword data for your business or niche then simply order this keyword research service. The cost of this service is only £39.

Advanced Keyword Research

Generating Large Amounts of Relevant Keywords

So when you order all you need to do is to provide your web site or niche and any ideas that you have for the best keywords. We then use those seed keywords to produce a very large set of keywords, we do this by querying Google for all of the seed keywords to get their suggestions, so this provides all keywords that include the seed keywords.

So this is a much more advanced method of researching keywords than just using the Google Keyword Planner (which is what most SEO’s do) and provides a much bigger list of keywords with most of them relevant (you will usually get a few in there that contain the seed keywords but are not relevant).


So once we have this huge list of keywords we then need to analyse them so that you get the very best data available. So once we have done that you will receive a spreadsheet with all of the keywords and ordered with those with the highest search volume first (you can choose the country or all countries) so that you can quickly see the most popular keywords.

Then along with the search volume we also provide the Adwords data so that you can see the average cost and level of competition on Adwords. This is useful data for two purposes, if you are planning on using Adwords then it’s great as you can see the likely costs, but it also provides a very good idea of how profitable keywords are as if businesses are bidding high on a keyword then it’s very likely to be a very profitable keyword.

Then another set of very useful data is the SEO difficulty data which is included in this keyword research. So for each keyword you will get the on-page SEO score which tells you how well optimised the page is for that keyword, the off-page SEO score which tells you how strong the back link profile is for that page and then an overall score which is great for deciding on how easy or hard a keyword is to rank. So for finding easy keywords this research is excellent as you can simply filter the sheet to only show SEO difficulty scores below a certain figure.

Then as well as all of that there is also a lot more data which includes details of the search results page for that keyword (so what Google display on that page like images, local results, knowledge graph etc) so that makes it easy for you to find keywords that show the kind of results that you would like. Then we also provide trend data so that you can see how the search volume changes over the year and so allows you to know when the busy or quiet times are going to be.

Using this Keyword Research

So you can see that this is very detailed and thorough keyword research, we have researched keywords for lots of businesses and so honed our skills to the level where we know it is the best that you can get.

So once you get your spreadsheet all you need to do then is to choose your keywords, we suggest putting them into a new sheet so that you have a list of only chosen keywords. You can choose keywords based on search volume and/or SEO difficulty and Adwords data depending on how you are using them, relevancy is the most important factor though when choosing keywords so so always choose the keywords that best describe what you are offering.

Once you have a good sheet of chosen keywords (there is no ideal amount, some sites will have a few and other large web sites could have hundreds or even thousands) the next step is to group them, so place each keyword into a new column in a new sheet and then do that for all of the other keywords. So at the end you will have a column for each group of keywords and keep them as tight as you can, so if a group of keywords contain several keywords that could go into a new sub-category then do that so that it has it’s own specific group.

So once you have these groups you have the ideal plan for your web site as each group would need it’s own web page. And you know the keywords that need including in that content too so you can produce the perfect keyword and page plan by using this keyword research and ensure that you have the exact right pages and the right keywords in the content of those pages.

Placing your Order

Ordering is easy, simply fill out the form below and include your web site or niche and then as much information about the kinds of keywords that you feel are right as is possible. Seed keywords are excellent so provide as many of those as you would like, so to use a relevant example if we did keyword research on a seed keyword like lawn mower our research would find all keywords that include those two words.

Once the form has been filled you will simply be taken to Paypal to pay the £39 for this keyword research and we will then be in touch if we need any more information, and if not we will have your research ready in 1-3 working days.

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