These are links from a guest post on a relevant blog that has strong link metrics. So we produce a high quality blog post around the topic of your target keywords that includes a link to your web site and get it posted on a relevant blog which has a very good back link profile itself and so provides a very relevant and strong back link. These cost £39 each and take 1-2 weeks to complete.


So all you need to provide is your web site and the keywords that you are looking to target, we will check your rankings and back link profile to make sure there are no problems and then proceed with your order if there are not.

So we will then create a high quality piece of content around your target keywords so please do let us know if you have any ideas or preferences for that content. We make sure that relevant keywords are included in the content so that the link passes lots of great relevancy and can also include any other information that you would like.

Then when the content is ready we well approach relevant blogs to get the post published, they are never marked as a guest post and so will simply look like a natural blog post on the blog, so never marked as a guest post or sponsored.

We can also do several of these posts if you would like, the form below is only for one guest post but if you would like more building then simply send us a message and we can easily arrange that.

These guest posts cost £39 each, so to place your order through Paypal please fill out the form below:

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