Welcome to our frequently asked questions, we will update this page with the questions that we receive the most:

How long does it take for your SEO to take effect?

The time that it takes links to have an effect on rankings varies a lot but is usually between two weeks and two months, so you have to take that into account before judging SEO. So it’s a long term process that needs time to settle, so you should not judge the effect of SEO before that amount of time has passed.

What is a PBN?

The term PBN stands for Private Blog Network and is where one person or company owns several web sites and sells links from them. They can be risky when done badly but our PBN is of the very highest quality and so the sites look real.

Why do you use PBN Links?

We only sell PBN links as individual services, for our monthly clients we do not include them unless the client would like them. We sell them though because they are very effective SEO tools so will give excellent ranking increases and as ours are so well made they do not have the risk that others do.

If you have any other question then please do feel free to contact us.