It is crucial that your back link profile has a large majority of natural anchor text and a good variety of different link types, so with this link building package we build a variety of links that all have brand, URL or generic anchor text. All top ranking web sites have that natural diversity in their links and anchor text so if you are building links then these links are essential, and allow you to use some keywords in the anchor text of other much stronger links as they will then easily blend into your back link profile with it being so diverse. This service costs £99 and includes links from video web sites, image sharing web sites, new web 2.0 sites with relevant content, social sites, social bookmarking sites, relevant blog comments, classified web sites, business listing web sites (citations) and also links from profile pages on top authority web sites.

Diversity Links

Unique Content gets Indexed

For a lot of these links, we make sure that each link has high quality and unique content (so unique to that specific link). This means that nearly all of them will get indexed as search engines like Google hate duplicate content, so when most link builders build these kind of diversity links they include the exact same content with each one which then means that hardly any of them get indexed. And a page with a link to your web site that is not indexed by the search engine is of absolutely no value whatsoever!

So with this service each page has unique and high quality content and so nearly all of them get indexed by the top search engines and so these links count! So not only do they provide all of that natural anchor text, they also pass on great relevancy as they are on pages that include unique and relevant content and so they can also give your rankings a good boost too.

Don’t Run Before you can Walk

This service is also great for new web sites (or web sites that do not have many links) as it looks natural to gain links like this first as they are links that web sites would naturally gain like social mentions, profile links and business listings. And as all of the anchor text is so natural it means that you start out with a perfect anchor text profile which looks completely natural, which is definitely the best way to start.

So we strongly suggest that you use a diversity links service like this before you build strong links as doing those first would not look natural, a new web site with no traffic or rankings is not going to get links from the content of strong authority web sites as they would never have found your web site. So start slowly and build up naturally, this is the perfect service to start that process and then a few weeks later you can look at stronger links (which will then blend in nicely into your back link profile as you have it looking so natural).

The Numbers

This diversity link building package includes links from a number of sources which are:

  • 10 Links from Business Listing Web Sites (Citations)
  • 10 Links from Business Listings on UK Newspaper Web Sites
  • 5 Links from Video Sharing Web Sites (a simple video is created if you cannot give a Youtube URL)
  • 5 Links from Image Sharing Web Sites (we will use your Logo or any other image you would like)
  • 10 Links in Blog Comments on Relevant Posts
  • 10 Links from Web 2.0 Sites with Relevant Content
  • 15 Links from Social Media Web Sites
  • 10 Links from Social Bookmarking Web Sites
  • 15 Links from Classified Web Sites
  • 10 Links from PDF Sharing Web Sites
  • 100 Links from Profile Pages on High Authority Web Sites

So that is around 200 links to your web site, around half are from the high authority web sites as these are brilliant links for diversity as they all have that high quality and unique content and nearly all will get indexed so they provide great relevant links from sites with a very high domain authority.

Most of the other links will also have that unique content too though and so you get that great variety and all natural anchor text which is essential to rank highly in the search engines now.

This service costs £99 and is handled by Paypal so to place an order please fill out the following form:

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