This research service gets all of the keywords that up to ten competitors rank for in Google (in the top 100) and also all of the keywords that they are using on Adwords. So it provides excellent competitive data so that you can see how a business is getting it’s traffic from Google, so that you can then use the best keywords that you find from them and replicate their success. The service costs £39 and covers up to ten competitors.

Competitor Keyword Research

So you will receive an Excel spreadsheet which will have two sheets per competitor, one for their organic rankings and one for the keywords that they are using on Adwords (if any).

The organic rankings sheet will have the keyword, position, monthly search volume (UK by default but if you’d like another country let us know), SEO difficulty, the URL of the competitor web site that is ranking and then details of what is included on the Google search results page.

Then the Adwords sheet will show the keyword, monthly search volume, cost per click and the level of competition so that you can see the costs associated with that keyword and the level of competition. This is very useful data even if you are not planning on using Adwords as it shows what are likely to be the most profitable keywords, so these are also great to target with SEO as they are likely to be very profitable and popular keywords.

So with all of this competitor keyword data you can easily create an excellent keyword plan. So simply place all of your chosen keywords into a new list in a new sheet and then group them thematically and as tightly as you can, so what you will then have is a great plan of the pages that you will need on the web site. So simply make sure that you have one page on your web site for each group of keywords (use the very most general keywords on the home page) and make sure that you use the keywords well in the content and meta data and you will have all of those great keywords covered.

So this competitor keyword research costs £39 and is processed through Paypal, you can order by filling out the following form:

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