Links are the number one ranking factor in Google and one of the best ways to build links is to look at the links that the top ranking web sites have for your target keywords as they are clearly working as they are ranking so if you can get some of those links too then you will likely replicate those rankings. So this service gives you a list of all of the links that up to ten competitors have and listed with the best first, so that you can easily see the best links and try to get those yourself. The research costs £39 for up to ten competitors.


So this competitor back link research is delivered in a spreadsheet with one sheet per competitor web site. It lists the links with the strongest first so you should focus on those first as they have more power and so will have more of an impact on your rankings.

There is quite a lot of data in each sheet which includes the strength of the page that the link is on, the URL of the page that the link is on, the URL of the competitor web site that the link links to, the anchor text that the link uses and whether the link is do-follow or no-follow.

So from this data you can easily see what their strongest links are, what they are mainly using for anchor text and how many do-follow links they have. So it’s easy to then pick out the links that you can easily build yourself, this of course depends on the type of link but some like directory listings or blog comments are very easy to replicate and others like links in blog posts can also be replicated by contacting the blog owner.

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