Citations are one of the most important factors for local SEO when they are done to a high quality and that is exactly what we provide. So we provide 40 citations here that all have unique content (to each citation) and so all get indexed and as they have unique and high quality content they provide great relevant links, as well as the local SEO benefits. The cost of this service is £39 for 40 citations.


Boost Local SEO and Map Rankings

So the main reason to build citations is to boost your local rankings and map rankings and this happens because all citations list your business name, address and phone number. So search engines like Google use that data and especially the address to confirm your location details, so as long as you have your Google My Business account set up well then these citations will boost your rankings in local results and also in the map listings.

You need to be sure that the business name, address and phone (NAP) details are exactly the same as displayed on your web site and anywhere else online as inconsistencies can cause problems, search engines need to see that it is exactly the same everywhere so make sure there are not even any small inconsistencies.

Unique Content is the Key to Success

Search engines do lot like duplicate content, so pages that have content which is also found online on other pages is not going to fair well, in fact it is often unlikely to get indexed at all. So many link builders and SEO companies build links like citations using the exact same content (and the really bad ones use content from your web site which causes a whole new level of problems which can even cause your web site to be penalised) and so a lot of them will not get indexed, and links on pages which are not indexed have no effect at all.

So we craft unique and high quality content for each citation so that the content on each is unique, this offers huge advantages as almost 100% of our citations get indexed and as they have such relevant and high quality content they also provide really good links. So you get the local SEO benefits from the NAP but you also get some good links which use natural anchor text (all top ranking sites have a majority of natural anchor text so this is important) so these are brilliant for building diversity links too.

And another thing that you definitely don’t want are duplicate citations, so links from business listing web sites where you already have links. This is because a second link from a web site that you already have a link from is of little value so we check your existing citations before building them to ensure that we do not build citations from sites that you already have a listing on.

Top Quality Local Citations

So these local citations are top quality and much better than offered by most other providers, they will boost local rankings and map listings in the top search engines like Google and they also provide some great diversity links with natural anchor text so these should certainly be built for any local business.

These citations usually take 3-5 working days to build and cost £39 (handled by Paypal) for 40 local citations, please fill out the form below to order:

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