This is our most basic but still very effective monthly SEO service, it is a good choice as it is cheap but also includes all that is needed to get the rankings improving for most web sites. It includes all of the research needed to find the best keywords, full on-page optimisation of the web site, basic link building which gives around 100 links per month and are all diversity links so all use the brand or URL as the anchor text and then weekly ranking reports so that you can easily track the progress that is being made. The cheap monthly SEO service costs £250 per month and there is no contract so you can cancel at any time.

Cheap Monthly SEO Service

The main reason that this monthly SEO package is cheap is because it does not include strong links, these are often not needed though so if you are not in a competitive market then this is the ideal package. And if you have used it for a few months and rankings are not improving as you would like then you can either switch to a stronger package or buy one-off individual packages of strong links to give the rankings the boost that they need.

So for most businesses like local businesses or web sites not in the very competitive markets this service will get rankings improving very well, it includes everything that is needed which is:

  • Full Research – We carry out through keyword research which includes researching your competitors to see all of the keywords that they rank for and are using on Adwords. So this produces a very thorough plan for your web site and a complete view of all of the keywords in that market and how popular and competitive each is.
  • Full On-Page SEO – We make sure that your web site is perfectly optimised so we carry out a full audit and find all errors that are found and then also optimise the individual pages for their best keywords (and will also advise on if any new pages are needed to cover all of the best found keywords). And then we take this to a higher level by comparing the on-page SEO of your pages to those of the top ranking pages for specific keywords so that we can ensure that your pages are better.
  • Link Building – For the cheap monthly SEO package we build high quality diversity links. All top ranking sites have a majority of brand and URL anchor text and a good variety of link types so this is what we provide and we tailor this to the needs of your web site (so the links that work best for your web site type) so you will get a good range of around 100 links per month that include relevant content and look natural. This package does not include strong links so if it becomes clear later that those are needed you are free to switch to a higher plan or buy on-off packages of strong links and we can happily advise on that.
  • Weekly Ranking Reports – We will send you a weekly ranking report which includes all chosen keywords so that you can very easily track the progress that is being made and see where each is ranked.

So this is a cheap SEO package designed to offer all that is needed to get rankings moving well. There is no contract and so you can cancel this at any time, or switch to a higher package to get stronger results.

So to sign up to our cheap Monthly SEO service simply fill out the form below, you will then be taken to Paypal to create a subscription of £250 per month which can can cancel when you would like:

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